Residental & Commercial Flood Protection

Risk Reduction Plus Group has been able to save homeowners more than $4.2 million on their Flood Insurance Premiums nationwide!


The SMART VENT Advantage

  • Providing advanced flood venting technology since 2000
  • Made in the USA with flood-resistant stainless steel construction
  • ICC-ES certified, FEMA-accepted models unsure approval with code officials and National Flood
  • Insurance program
  • Models for every application, including retrofit projects
  • Certified Floodplain Managers provide industry-leading service

How it Works

  • With all Smart Vent models, the door is latched closed until flood water is present
  • Rising flood water activates the internal floats, which unlatch and open the flood door
  • When Smart Vent models are activated , and in the open position, the 3" clearance helps let flood debris pass through, unlike a typical air vent that will clog

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